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Vancouver, British Columbia

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Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl

Bubo scandiacus (Nyctea scandiaca)

Weight: 780 - 2950 g. (female). 700 - 2500 g. (male)
Length: 60 - 70 cm (female). 55 - 64 cm. (male)
Wingspan: 132  cm.
Longevity: maximum 10-11 years in the wild, 28-35 in captivity.

Status in Stanley Park:

Possibly a rare visitor - in irruption years. I observed one in February-March of 2001 on nearby Sunset Beach.

The photo above was taken in 2001 - as mentioned above. I will be documenting those sightings with further photos as time permits.

For more information and range, etc. I suggest a visit to (Snowy Owl).