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Vancouver, British Columbia

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Barred Owl

Barred Owl

Strix varia

Weight: 800 g. (female). 630 g. (male)
Length: 51 cm. (female). 48 cm (male)
Wingspan: 107 - 111 cm.
Longevity: maximum 18 years in the wild.

Status in Stanley Park:

Our most common owl - there are three confirmed breeding pairs and probably a few more "floaters".

Barred Owls are also seen in the surrounding urban areas.

Most of this web site is concerned with my observations of this species in Stanley Park - so please explore the rest of the site for more extensive information - enjoy!

The Barred Owl has been blamed for the decline of the Spotted Owl. However that is only part of the story - human modification of the landscape has favoured the more adaptable Barred Owl.

Centuries ago the Barn Owl learnt to adapt to our agrarian modifications of the landscape and found ideal nesting conditions in our ancestor's barns. Now the Barred Owl may be doing something similar in adapting to our cities - using parks for nesting locations and finding good hunting in the squirrels, rodents and other creatures that we bring with us.

For additional information and range, also visit (Barred Owl).