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Vancouver, British Columbia

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Barn Owl

Barn  Owl

Tyto alba

Weight: 400 - 700 g.
Length: 29 - 44 cm.
Wingspan: 110 cm.
Longevity:  I have seen good authorities quote 8 and 17 years maximum in the wild. However, most adults live only a few years. At the extreme of their northern range here. Extreme winters (AKA normal Canadian winters outside the Lower Mainland) claim many. Over 30 years in cpativity.

Status in Stanley Park:

Uncertain - unlikely to be resident. The only suitable habitat is the area around Brocton Point, but this is pure speculation on my part. I know of only one possible sighting from the 1990's -  near the causeway overpass.

This photo was taken near Boundary Bay in Delta (2016).

The Barn Owl is at the northern limit of its range in our area. It is able to survive at such latitudes because of its habit of nesting in barns and other enclosed spaces. These provide warmer locations for roosting and rearing their young. This ability to adapt to human agriculture has made it one of the most widespread birds in the world. However, changes in our agricultural practices have lead to declines in many areas.

For more information and range, etc. I suggest a visit to (Barn Owl).