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Vancouver, British Columbia

Observations - 1996

This was the first year that I saw and photographed Barred Owls in Stanley Park.

Owl Photo 1996 August

I was not yet really aware of owls in the park, so I probably missed much. It is also possible that there were fewer Barred Owls in the park at that time - the species is expanding its range, after all. I did not even know if they were breeding here - almost certainly they were,

This photo (of an adult) was taken in August, near the Stone Bridge at Lost Lagoon. My only other recorded sighting, also in August, was from the Lovers Trail on the way from Third Beach to Lost Lagoon. An area which I now know to be a favourite for them. I probably had more sightings, but my notebook was used primarily to record photographic information (pre-digital era), so no photo means no notes (except for extreme rarities)